Another beautiful image of Lake Toba, courtesy of Peter Chandra

By: R. S. O. P.

Jul 22 2011

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Category: Nature, Photography, Travelling

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Focal Length:86mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL

Another beautiful shot of Lake Toba viewed from Tongging, Karo region, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Courtesy of Peter Chandra, a photographer / hunter of Lake Toba’s beauty. I really, really love the particular light on this photograph, and yeah, the smoke! So much so that the protruding foreground branches on the bottom-right side of the picture, is irrelevant. I admire the keennes of the photographer’s eyes recognizing the light quality, how it was reflected on the hill, and the final framing he was ended up capturing this image. From my limited personal experience of photographing Lake Toba, I had never found this kind of light. Maybe my eyes were not as keen to spot the same quality when I was there.


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