Three Maduranese boys and two German gentlemen

A pic taken a couple of months back in Madura island, East Java, Indonesia. Courtesy of a friend and colleague, Nugraha Tata.

What makes this picture particularly meaningful is that it recorded how completely different the three boys reacted on being photographed by a stranger. The content intrigues us more if we allow ourselves to contemplate deeper into the probable personal natures that may lie behind each of their facial expressions and bodily gestures.

Seeing the above pic for the first time, notwithstanding the vast difference of time, race and age, I was immediately reminded of the beauty and strength of an old photograph by August Sander of Germany pasted below,

The boxer on the left is tight like a soldier, while the other one seems like a happy-go-lucky type of guy.

PS. Observing again Sander’s photo while writing words for this post, the gentleman on the left begins to give me the creep.

His head was slightly inclined to his left, his eyes were tightly-focused on the photographer. Can’t help feeling as if he was evaluating the strength of an enemy, as if he was calculating how many punches needed to knock the enemy down. It looks like he was ready to strike at anytime.


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