Accidental, yet curiously surprising picture

I’ve made it a point in my picture-taking hobby that prior to taking any shot, my utmost concern is that I must be able to envision how the final image must be, exactly. Learn this from some old book, a long time ago, by the way. I usually forget this, and shoot like crazy 🙂

Resumed driving after the mirrors shop’s display session, at some point along the way I saw this over-weight girl with a disagreeably tight outfit of yellow and a red bag, walking along the sidewalk. As fast as I could, I took out my camera bag lying on the left seat. But damn it, the zipper was on! When I finally took it out and framed her, she was already leaving my front view. I took a snapshot anyway, when she was just about one step away leaving the left car’s window frame. And, well, the result happened to be too curiously surprising that I really like to put it on record here.

Lesson learned today:

– never zip your camera bag if it’s lying by your side

– wrinkled transparent film attached onto an old car’s windows can act as filter for an impressionistic-like picture. Yes, it happens that I love Renoir’s works, too 🙂


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