Leaves inspired

A shot inspired by one image on some great photoblog here somewhere in wordpress.com — the name of the blog escapes me at the moment, oh well. But not of the same quality, though. I just couldn’t do it better. Somehow my pic is compressed too much so that the details do not come out as I would like them to be.


13 comments on “Leaves inspired”

  1. This is a beautiful photo, don’t think otherwise!

  2. A beautiful picture, really beautiful. I’m really a Nikon (old!) man, blasting away with a D700 and an F6, but I’ve got a PowerShot G11 too and its amazingly capable. These pics from your PowerShot are excellent. FATman

  3. beautiful photo, what kind of tree is this?

  4. I honestly don’t know the name of this tree. I asked two colleagues of mine some time before I decided to make it my subject, but they didn’t know, either 😦
    Anyway, it’s a tree that grow within the petrochemical plant where I work. For a long time I notice that periodically the green leaves will turn into dark red before they fall — much like trees in the western globe when it’s Fall, I guess. I finally took many shots of the leaves a few days ago. This is the one that compositionally speaking, the most agreeable among them. The details, though, it could have been better.
    Thanks again for dropping by.

  5. This is a great shot! I love the colors

  6. I like the way the leaves create all these repeating shapes – nice shot!

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