Kids keep on studying

Close to noon. Aug. 7, 2011. By the main road, Cilegon, Indonesia.

I didn’t know these kids.

I was walking along the main road in the city where I lived, with the intention of photographing a certain shop selling used-tyre wheels — the tyre wheels photos can be seen in another posting elsewhere, by the way. Along this road, there was also an open shop selling live plants, small statuettes, artificial fountains, etc., for the usual front or backyard house decorations. Passing by this open shop I happened to notice these four kids inside a wooden cabin further back a bit. They were seriously discussing something with papers and pens in their hands. I guessed they must be studying or doing their school’s home-work together. What else could it be that made kids of their age looking so damn serious, if it wasn’t studying? So seriously focused on whatever they were doing that they didn’t realize I was photographing them. They only knew it after I called out to them and asking them to pose for the camera. They didn’t mind me taking the pictures.

We love kids, but you’ll love these kids even more because of the unavoidable circumstances they were in. The simple wooden cabin with its  woods and roofs disintegrating, the noisy street — it was quite noisy because the cabin was situated close to the main road. And yet, they kept on studying.


(i) Kids studying quite seriously, unaware of my presence


(ii) Kids happily posing for me


(iii) A bit wider perspective of their surroundings


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