Aug. 17, 2011.

The bushes within a section of an empty field in the neighborhood were on fire several days ago. Don’t know what started the fire. Apparently the fire was big enough so that the heat released heat-burned some trees within its vicinity, including this banana tree shown below. Because of the heat, the green leaves and the trunk turned into some kind of brown color. However, as you can see at the bottom left of the pic, there are portions of green color on the trunk and branch left which show that this tree will survive and will resume its life, thank goodness.


It turns out that in its current color, the tree is also quite likeable if converted to black and white picture. It’s a different story if it’s in its natural green, will not be as good, I think.


2 comments on “Surviving”

  1. I love them! The contrast between the blue sky and the brown plants in the first image is really beautiful . Well done!

  2. I like both of these but like the top one best – I agree with iltana, its the combination of the brown plants and the blue sky – and also the wonderful shapes and patterns. Good pictures! FATman

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