Some two hours spent in a seaport (Part 1)

This morning I planned to go to a seaport which is situated within a short distance from my office – for anybody interested to know, the seaport’s name is Merak Seaport. This is passengers and also commodity/trading goods seaport where people use public ferryboats to cross the Sunda strait, leaving Java island and to get to the southernmost tip of Sumatra island.

Though it was already past noon when I left the office and the sun was burning relentlessly, I decided to go on with the plan. There I might learn something about photography and about taking snapshots of people, so I thought. Contrary to a newspaper I read in the morning, the port was actually not too overcrowded with people at the time, yet. Spent some two hours taking pictures there.

On peak seasons like this week until the next, local banks will go outdoor and set up tent and mobile offices in order to serve their costumers and promoting their services. Below is two bank officers who were on duty in a tent,


Also on peak season, seaport authority will make use of the availability of boyscouts volunteering from schools around the vicinity to help it maintain the smoothness of port operations, if such needs arise. Here in the pic, four of the boyscouts were taking some rest sitting on trolleys,


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