About this blog

“Welcome to R. S. O. P. photography | etcetera (formerly “wholefraction street photography, etc. “)

By sharing things in this blog, hopefully I may also learn from others.

I work in a petrochemical industry, and in my spare time I’m now revisiting my interest in photography. Yes, I did some photography works as a hobby in the past. I read on photographers of the past like Henri Cartier-Bresson, August Sanders, Robert Capa, Ansel Adams, and some others, and their works fascinated me. Later on, I left photography completely. Gave away my SLR and all the lenses. The fascination is still there, though.

I think, like many other hobbyists,  I shoot a wide range of subjects, from natures to people, from landscapes to makros. But recently, I’m getting more and more interested in the so called “street photography”, again; and I’d really love to give more time exploring this ground.

Since all the photos posted here — with a few noted exceptions — are taken by myself mostly on weekends or holidays, at the very least one photo will be regularly added once a month. Maybe more photos once every week or two, if I’m lucky.

Other things of interest related to baroque music and blues, history, etc. might also be posted, though.

Have a look around, and thanks for stopping by. ”


Rianto Sahat Oloan Pardede


5 comments on “About this blog”

  1. WHOLEFRACTION, thanks for liking my psychedelic drain cover – encouragement is always welcome! Colour 2 is posted now, with Minimal colour. FATman

  2. thank you for visiting – i really enjoyed your leaf photos – and the little ones (adorable shots). as for your once-per-month photo posts, i post one a day, so please come back.

  3. Adrian, thank you for visiting. I’ll certainly go back from time to time to visit your blog, so keep on posting the photos!

    yi-ching lin, Thanks.
    From experience, we know that other’s works on photography will inspire us with ideas. I certainly knows that yours are.

  4. Thanks for liking my Abstract 13, the vertical parking bay shot – I have several more photos from this layby and must get them on the blog. Thanks again. FATman

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